Seasonal To-Do List

I was first inspired by the seasonal to-do list on Bower Power.

I then, of course, went to my trusty friend, Pinterest for some more inspiration. I like what I found here.

Here's my version...

It's a hefty list. I'd better get crackin'...

P.S. I'm excited that Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power are doing another Pinterest Challenge. I've already got my next project picked out!



Love You

Pinterest strikes again. I knew immediately when I saw this I had to recreate it. (Originally from here).

How sweet is that?

Well, mine isn't as AWESOME as this one, but I did complete it in about 10 minutes, so that counts for something, right?

I used letter stamps and card stock. That's it. And put the whole thing into a white 8x10 frame from Ikea.

Originally I was only going to the the LOVE in large, red letters, but I decided to do the YOU the same and now I love that "LOVE YOU" stands out.



Non-Traditional Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday, we spent the day at a lovely place called Thommasson Farms in Enumclaw, WA. After jumping in the corn pit, petting goats, donkeys, and pigs, and going for a tractor ride, we picked out a few pumpkins to take home. We got one medium sized pumpkin for carving and a small Eva-sized pumpkin for table.

I trolled Pinterest for some pumpkin carving inspiration goodness and loved what I found here and here. I think the family initial pumpkins are a great choice rather than the traditional jack-0-lantern variety (that I've never actually cared much for). I commissioned my guy help me. We couldn't quite figure out how to get the elegant cursive from my inspiration, so we went with the 7th-grade-esque bubble letters instead.

We had a cute little helper to dig the goo out.
Then we traced the letters and cut 'em out.
And dropped this baby on the front porch with a candle. Not very spooky, but I like the custom touch for our family.


Pizza Muffins

My first official pinterest-inspired creation was Pizza Muffins. And they passed the Pin-Make-Love test. So easy, so good. We were all left wanting seconds.

The original can be found here. I followed the recipe exactly, except I made full size muffins since I was serving this for dinner, rather than the mini-muffins (read: I didn't read the mini-muffin part until I had already greased the full-size muffin pan).

Image from here.